Sublime Text, SFTP, and Media Temple

I spent entirely too much time sorting through everything I needed to do to get the SFTP plugin for Sublime Text working with my hosting (Media Temple).  Here are some quick notes to hopefully save someone else the hassle.

  1. Set the server admin password (how-to)
  2. Enable SSH (how-to)
  3. Install Sublime SFTP to Sublime Text (how-to)
  4. Follow instructions that will generate the sftp-config.json (how-to)
  5. Then for Media Temple I modified the following in sftp-config.json
"type": "sftp",
"host": "yourAccessDomain",
"user": "yourDomain",
"password": "yourServerAdminPassword",
"port": "22",
"remote_path": "/home/yourSiteNumber/users/.home/domains/yourDomain/html",
"ftp_passive_mode": true,

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