In the Trenches with Tomster, Upgrading Ember.js & Ember Data

I was fortunate again this year to be selected as a speaker for dev.Objective() conference in Minneapolis, MN.

A few months after I started working with Ember.js & Ember Data at my new job last June we began a project to upgrade both. There were parts that were a breeze and others that were quite tricky. This talk walks you through some of the challenges we faced and how we solved them as well as how we began to prepare for the Ember 2.x architectural shift. Hopefully this talk will help save you some time when you decide to upgrade your Ember web application.

Here are my slides:

In The Trenches With Tomster, Upgrading Ember.js & Ember Data

I also gave this talk recently at Milwaukee JS, a meetup I help co-organize.

Here is a video of that talk: